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Botox Injections LAS VEGAS, NV

Allergan Pharmaceuticals is the maker of Botox which is a neurotoxin derived from the onabotulinumtoxin A.  Botox works by relaxing the muscles in the area where the toxin is injected.  Practice owner and experienced injector Heather Rohrer, MPAS, PA-C, is recognized by Allergan as one of  the Top 250 injectors in the United States.

Without a doubt, managing fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes (crows feet) or on the forehead, is effective with Botox injections. Additionally,  chin dimpling, gummy smile, excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), as well as jawline slimming (masseter muscles), are all effectively treated with Botox injections.

As a patient seeking to get the most optimum results with your Botox injections, choose an experienced injector with a firm understand of the muscle anatomy of the face.  A well trained injector will be familiar with the properties of Botox, as well as optimum placement to manipulate muscles.

This Procedure Improves

How it Works?

As stated, Botox® relaxes the muscles which will result in smoother skin, and a reduced appearance of  wrinkles.

Additionally, for conditions such as jawline slimming or the treatment of TMJ ,medical providers will inject Botox into the masseter muscle to create the appearance of a slimmer more contoured jawline.  Ultimately this should reduce pain in the region.

If you are a patient with Hyperhidrosis, consider Botox injections to control excess sweating.  These injections are intended to shut down the sweat glands, and may cause a significant decrease in wetness.

Regular Injections of Botox can prevent and treat wrinkles long term, and it is recommend that patients start treatment in their early twenties before their appearance.


After Botox injections, patients should expect the neurotoxin to begin its effectiveness in approximately 2-3 days.  Typically, full results will be seen in 10-14 days post procedure.

Avoid strenuous activities or laying down flat for approximately four hours post procedure.

Some light bruising is to be expected after Botox  Injections.

Hats and head bands should not  be worn post injection for at least four hours.

The average longevity of Botox is approximately 4 months.  Please remember that dose equals duration of your neurotoxin.

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